How does the Stories, Songs, and Stretches! Certification Program work?

  1. Attend a Stories, Songs, and Stretches! training workshop.
  2. After the training, complete an experiential learning assignment.
  3. Submit your documentation.
  4. Receive your certification.
  5. Share Stories, Songs, and Stretches! in your community!

Who is it for?

Stories, Songs, and Stretches! is for anyone who works with preschool and/or early elementary age kids on a regular basis, or who wants to learn how to use the program with kids and families. This includes teachers, librarians, early childhood educators, and yoga teachers. Nearly everyone who works with young children can earn continuing education credits through this training due to Katie’s specialized credentials as a librarian, yoga teacher, and early childhood education trainer.

What does it cost?

Various pricing options are available depending on the needs of the audience served.

One way to receive this training is to bring Katie to your location to provide training to up to 40 people. This costs $3500, plus Katie’s travel from Lexington, KY, ground travel while in the area, lodging, and $40 per day for meals. This option is ideal for state libraries, training consortia, schools, conferences, and large public libraries.

Another option is to host Katie at your yoga studio or other place of business and offer the training to the public. In this case, registration is $450 per person. This is split between Katie and the hosting location at a rate of 70%/30%, respectively. Please visit the schedule page if you are looking for a public training near you.

How long is the training?

The training is 14 in-person hours, typically spread over two seven-hour days. Following the training, you have the option to complete three additional hours of experiential learning. The experiential learning component is included in your registration fee, and is required in order to obtain certification.

Why should I certify?

In addition to learning how to use yoga and movement to support the early learning of young children, and receiving 14+ hours of continuing education, by becoming a certified Stories, Songs, and Stretches! program leader you will:

  • gain access to a private library of video demonstrations
  • gain access to branded materials you can customize for your marketing
  • be invited to join an online community of practice, connecting with other Stories, Songs, and Stretches! program leaders from around the world

What makes this certification different from other kids yoga training?

First, the emphasis of this training is not on how to teach yoga to kids. It is on how to use yoga and movement intentionally, as a tool, to support three distinct areas of early learning:

  • physical literacy
  • early literacy
  • social-emotional development

Rather than being focused on teaching yoga to all ages, birth through teen, this training is very narrowly focused on the needs of, and strategies best-suited for, preschool and early elementary age children (ages 3 to 6).

Further, this training takes into account the distinct needs of the groups it is targeting. Library staff, early childhood educators and caregivers, early elementary teachers, and yoga teachers all work with young children, but they have diverse areas of expertise and, therefore, diverse training needs. This certification fully honors those diverse needs and experiences. No matter one’s experience prior to attending the workshop, everyone will leave with a deeper understanding of children’s early learning, how to make yoga and movement accessible to young children, and how to use yoga and movement in very practical ways to meet their existing missions.

Is financial assistance available?

It is part of the vision of the Stories, Songs, and Stretches! program that all children receiving these classes will see themselves represented by the people leading them. As part of the commitment to this vision, we offer a minimum of one diversity scholarship for every public training event. Please visit the Diversity Scholarship page for more information.

For organizations interested in bringing Katie to their location who do not have the budget to cover her fee, we recommend collaborating with others in your area who would also benefit from this training. You are all working toward the same mission – helping young children reach developmental milestones and achieve school readiness. Working together to pool resources for a joint training is a great way to begin a collaboration that can last well beyond the training session.

Where can I find a training?

Public training workshops and hosting agencies are always listed on the Schedule page. You can also keep up with Katie through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Is online training available?

It will be soon! In 2019, a completely online version of this training will launch, accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world! Check the website and follow Katie’s social media profiles to keep up to date on the progress of this project!